Greach is a conference focusing on the topic of technologies and frameworks such as Grails, Griffon, GPars, Gradle and many o

A conference on the topic of technologies and services which will present a unique perspective on the future of technology.

Speakers: Santiago Sotomayor, Andy Lutomirski, Efstathios Fotopoulos, Arkadiusz Pruszek, Filip Skowronski.

Greach is a conference that brings together people from different backgrounds to discuss the world of technologies and frameworks such as Grails, Griffon, GPars and Gradle.

With such a numerous amount of tools available on the market, it is very easy to find information about them. Besides Google, there are many places where you can find accurate articles in regards to AI writing tools.

Every conference needs a grean introduction. A good one will have a well structured and interesting title, a catchy image and an engaging video to use in your slides.

Code is everywhere, but it is not always easy to read. This talk will help you to find out where the real value of code lies – as a programmable machine that can execute standard procedures on its own or as data that can be manipulated by humans in order to make things more complex or computationally interesting by doing clever work with numbers and words.

Grief is a conference that focuses on the topic of technologies and frameworks. The main theme is how technology can improve your life by automating repetitive tasks or what is known as «grey work». With Greach’s help you can automate your workflow with advanced technology. You will learn about some of today’s hot topics, such as:

We should not see this topic as a replacement for human copywriters. They are just providing assistance to the content writers by making them aware of the existing technologies in action and getting rid of writer’s block and generating content ideas at scale.

I am a participant of the Greach conference, which is aimed at the topic of technologies. I will talk about how to build an ecosystem for a framework such as Grails, Grunt or GPars. For graying-out my presentation I will use the phrase «ecosystem» because it is not just a system but also an ecosystem that you can put together in order to create your framework.

Greach is a conference focused on the topic of technologies and frameworks such as Grails, Griffon, GPars, Gradle and many others.

This conference will be the place to explore the new technologies and frameworks that have emerged in recent years, such as Grails and Griffon. The focus of this conference is

conveying a range of new technologies and frameworks that can be used by developers to build applications with modern technology.

Since then Google has made significant progress in developing an MVP for its Cloud Platform. In this workshop we will discuss how to develop an MVP for Google Cloud Platform, the latest versions of Grails and Griffon, build with these technology platforms from scratch or from scratch from part-pilot apps based on these tech platforms.

With Greach, Geeks meet in one place to share their knowledge and experiences.

Geeks is a conference focusing on technologies that are used to build products and services. The conference will be held in Barcelona, Spain between 8-9 September 2017!

The conference aims to create a community around the technologies used by different companies and fields in the world like health care, information technology, life sciences, engineering etc. and to give them a platform to share their knowledge with each other.

This is a summary of the main highlights about Greach Spain Conference.

The conference will be held between May 29 and June 2, 2018 at Hotel da Gavina in Madrid. It is an event focused on techniques and tools that may be used to create applications using various technologies.

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