Greach is the first conference dedicated to all technologies in the Groovy ecosystem in Spain

We are excited to announce that we have joined the Aural Reality conference. This conference will be taking place in Madrid from 11-13th December 2017.

In 2014, the Groovy conference was held in Madrid, Spain. It was the first conference dedicated to all technologies in the Groovy ecosystem. The conference focused on all areas of Groovy including its ecosystem, development tools and applications.

Greach is a 24 hour, live event dedicated to all technologies of the Groovy ecosystem. In it, you will find talks from all kinds of developers and tech enthusiasts, from new startup founders to distributed systems researchers. The main goal is to expose people with little knowledge about Groovy or the Groovy ecosystem in general to the topic and its tools.

There are many speakers at this conference who have different levels of technical experience such as intermediate level developers with enough background in Scala or Kotlin, core team members of startups who have created their own libraries, or senior engineers on large corporate projects.

The conference has a Newbie section where people can ask questions live and get answers by experts in the field of groovy technology.

The Greach conference is a space for sharing ideas, and bringing the latest advancements in both Groovy and related technologies together.

Groovy is a programming language developed by the Groovy team. It was released in 2009 and has since become an essential part of all kinds of applications, from small apps to big enterprise projects. The Groovy community has grown extremely fast, as it empowered developers to write more expressive code with less typing.

The conference is dedicated to every technology that we can think of in the Groovy ecosystem, such as.

In the first conference dedicated to all technologies of the Groovy ecosystem, Greach will focus on topics ranging from the initial years of Groovy to recent developments and possibilities.

Greach is a conference that focuses on all technologies of the Groovy ecosystem. It aims at bringing together developers and users as well as bridging gaps between different communities through open-source projects, conferences, workshops and demonstrations. The first edition was held in Madrid, Spain in July 2016 with a huge following all over Europe and at least 7 other editions are planned for 2017.

We should not think of these conferences as technical conferences where we just want to hear about latest facts about companies or products from our local industry leaders or companies’ representatives; rather they should be events where people can come together to share knowledge about technology.

The introduction topic for the conference is about how to make the most of Groovy, JRuby and Grails.

Greach is the first conference dedicated to all technologies and platforms that are emerging in the Groovy ecosystem. It will be held on October 5th, 2018 in Madrid. The conference will also be a platform for finding new collaborators and developers around this ecosystem.

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